Kayla's Story

I was pregnant and homeless. I found out about the Family Life Center through a brochure at the Holland Rescue Mission. I ended up at the Family LIFE Center and built a relationship with them over the course of four and a half months.  I did not stay the whole program because I was not fully committed.  I was still straddling the fence between the ways of the world and Jesus’s way for my life.  I ended up moving back to Holland.  I went back and forth between a parenting plan and an adoption plan.  Through that time I was wrestling with that and the Lord.  Because of the support of the Family LIFE Center and church family, my faith grew and I ended up fully surrendering to Jesus.  It still is a process. I still have to lay down my life everyday, but I know bow my strength and future lies with Jesus. Speaking of my future, I am currently enrolled in Kuyper College for Ministry Leadership and Biblical Greek. I am excited to see how God uses my future to further his kingdom and save lives. I’m also blessed to know that I am supported by the Family LIFE Center and my church family.